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While it’s a common assumption that only patients “of a certain age” have dentures, oral trauma, accidents, tooth decay, or gum disease can cause anyone to lose multiple teeth and need dentures. Instead of living with the gaps in your smile, speak with your dentist about receiving dentures and how you can become accustomed to wearing and caring for them.

Quick and cost-effective for tooth loss, dentures are created from an impression of your smile and custom crafted just for you. However, they may take some getting used to if they initially feel bulky or strange or your mouth seems to produce extra saliva for a while. You should notify Healy Dental Care if you feel ongoing pressure or pain and need to have your dentures adjusted. After a few weeks, you may need to visit us again to have the appliance relined so that it still feels comfortable as your mouth changes.

You may find speaking and eating to be difficult for some time, but you can try cutting your food into smaller bites while you master chewing with dentures. Speaking or reading aloud can help you learn to enunciate clearly with dentures.

While dentures aren’t actual teeth, they still should be cleaned regularly with soap or a denture toothpaste (regular toothpaste may be too abrasive and scratch your dentures) and a soft-bristled toothbrush or brush designed for dentures. At night, soak your dentures in a solution so that they don’t become bent out of shape.

You are welcome to contact Healy Dental Care at 801-394-0808 today if you would like to speak with our dentist, Dr. James R. Healy, about replacing missing teeth with custom-made dentures in Ogden, Utah.