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For most people, the wisdom teeth lingering in the gums at the back of the mouth attempt emergence at some point in late adolescence. Common symptoms include a dull ache and pressure or radiating pain from deep within the gums.

Unfortunately, the back of the mouth is relatively crowded with the already present and healthy molars. This can sometimes cause the pre-emergent wisdom tooth to be positioned at an unnatural angle. When this happens, the tooth can become trapped or impacted deep within the gums. Beyond the general discomfort and pain, an impacted wisdom tooth like this can potentially harm the roots of the otherwise healthy rear molars.

In a case like this, Dr. James R. Healy will often recommend a surgical extraction. This minimally invasive procedure will remove the offending tooth and prevent further complications. Since you will already be sedated, we often recommend having the remaining wisdom teeth removed.

You will still experience some postoperative sedation effect for a few hours after the impacted wisdom tooth has been removed. It’s best to have someone drive you home and lend you a hand while you fully regain your senses.

After the extraction, you will need to stick to a soft-foods diet until your gums have fully healed. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids but avoid drinking them through a straw as the suction could harm a healing incision.

Your oral surgeon will prescribe any relevant anti-inflammatory or pain-management medication as needed.

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