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Were you recently been diagnosed with cancer? Are you about to start treatments for it soon? If so, perhaps the last thing on your mind could be your dental health, and understandably so. However, the therapies you could undergo can affect your dental health, so today we would like to assist you in preventing different oral health complications with some tips.

-It has been recommended by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, or NIDCR, that you see our dentist at least once a month before you begin treatments to take care of existing problems.
-After every meal, and before going to bed, you may want to brush your teeth. A soft-bristled brush and a toothpaste that has a mild flavor can be used. You should keep in mind that toothbrushes could be a gathering place for bacteria and you may want to replace it often.
-Your mouth may become more sensitive during your treatments, and as a result you may need to be extra gentle while brushing and flossing. It is possible that you could experience some slight bleeding, but if it seems heavy, you should contact Dr. James R. Healy or your cancer team right away.
-Another commonly seen side effect is dry mouth. If you should experience this, you can chew some sugarless gum, suck on some ice or our dentist might suggest that you use some artificial saliva products to help prevent tooth decay.

If you live near Ogden, Utah, and have questions about your dental health during cancer treatments, please schedule an appointment at Healy Dental Care by calling 801-394-0808 today. We want to help you retain your healthy smile during this time in your life.