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Did you know that an entire branch of dentistry is designed to help comfort and relax patients during oral health care procedures? Sedation dentistry is a form of dentistry that allows for complex procedures or even minor treatments to be given without the fear of pain or discomfort that could be felt during the treatment. Several forms of sedation dentistry exist including gas, intravenous and pill sedation to help comfort and relax people and provide them with a state of eased tensions.

Knowing the different levels of sedation is important to make sure that you receive the necessary oral health care possible. If you’re looking for a mild level of sedation, consider the use of gas sedation, also known as laughing gas. For a deeper level of sedation, an oral sedation or an intravenous injection will be required. Whereas oral sedation typically takes up to an hour before they finally kick in, an intravenous injection can often go to work immediately. Both of them are highly effective though as they can be adjusted for different levels of sedation.

If you are in need of a complex oral health care procedure and need the deepest level of sedation possible, speak with your dentist about the use of anesthesia. Anesthesia can be applied to an individual and put them into a state of unconsciousness from which they will not awake until it is fully worn off. It can be helpful to put a patient to sleep during complex procedures that require several hours of work. If you require sedation during your oral health care procedures, ask our dentist about your options.

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