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Contact sports offer a great outlet for patients to engage in physical activity and improve their general health while having a lot of fun, and this has made sports a very common recreational activity. We highly recommend wearing athletic mouth guard whenever you are active so that you don’t experience oral injury.

A proper mouth guard is an important part of being active because sports can easily lead to serious mouth injuries such as a broken jaw, tooth loss, and tooth damage. Dr. James R. Healy and our team invite you to visit our office for a custom mouth guard that conforms to your smile and absorbs the force of a strong blow to the face so that you don’t sustain any damage. A mouth guard can be kept in your gym bag or pocket so that it’s ready to place in your smile whenever needed.

You don’t have to play contact sports to need a mouth guard, as activities like gymnastics, running, biking and skateboarding also require smile protection. Any questions about mouth guards can be directed at our dentist to help you learn more about the importance of receiving this appliance.

Contact Healy Dental Care at 801-394-0808 today for more information about an athletic mouth guard in Ogden, Utah, and seeing our dentist for an appointment.