A Tooth with a Large Cavity Might Require Treatment with a Dental Crown

One of the functions of your routine dental checkups at ’s dental offices includes catching the early signs of cavities and gum disease to treat them before they can worsen into a more serious oral health condition. If you have a bad habit of putting off these important a small area of tooth decay can… Read more »

Dental Sealants Help Improve Your Chances of Preventing Cavities

Consistent cavity prevention is an important part of maintaining a healthy mouth, while also ensuring your ability to safely chew food before swallowing. Tooth decay can cause significant discomfort and sensitivity. Without professional treatment, it could potentially result in a serious periodontal infection or the complete loss of a tooth. Each dental checkup administered at… Read more »

A Simple Fluoride Treatment Can Help Strengthen Your Teeth and Prevent Cavities

Strong tooth enamel is essential for a variety of reasons. Teeth that have been demineralized by plaque acids and enamel erosion are increasingly prone to suffering chips, dental fractures, tooth sensitivity, failing dental fillings, and tooth decay. If your routine dental exam with Dr. reveals early signs of weakened tooth enamel, might recommend administering a… Read more »

How Do Custom Night Guards Work?

When most of our patients hear “mouth guard,” they think of the kind of mouth guards they wore during football and soccer. Dental mouth guards have a more detailed purpose, and they’re a bit more complex than the boil-and-chomp variety. One kind of dental mouth guard is the night guard, which can stop nighttime teeth… Read more »

The Tooth’s Inner Secrets

There is a great deal more to your tooth that is observable to the naked eye. When you speak with Dr. about any oral health concerns, it can be useful to be aware of the essentials of the tooth’s inner secrets. Your tooth’ has three layers: Enamel: The outmost layer of the tooth is what… Read more »

The Answers to Your Oral Hygiene Questions

Oral hygiene is very important, which is why it’s best to completely understand it and know how to keep up on oral hygiene. If you don’t, there is a chance your smile won’t be completely cared for. However, our dentist, Dr. , and dental team understand that oral hygiene can be complex for many people,… Read more »

Tips for Treating Stained Teeth

Are you afraid to smile because of your stained teeth? Don’t let the prospect of a dim smile prevent you from experiencing more happiness in your life. One solution is to simply accept the teeth you have, but you should know: in this day and age, there are options for correcting the state of your… Read more »

You Can Strengthen Your Teeth with Fluoride

Do you want a strong and healthy smile free of dental issues? Then you’ll definitely want to nourish your teeth with fluoride. Fluoride is a normal mineral that is tremendously useful for your teeth. In fact, daily fluoride exposure is not only healthy; it’s important. Fluoride gives your teeth the ability to combat plaque growth… Read more »

A Loose Dental Crown Needs to Be Seen by a Dentist

Dental crowns are typically cemented onto their anchoring abutment with a strong dental adhesive. This will bond the dental work in place with the same strength you enjoyed in the natural tooth. Unfortunately, poor oral hygiene habits can affect your gum health and gradually start to weaken the dental cement that holds your dental crown… Read more »

A Composite Dental Filling Might Be Able to Repair a Chipped Tooth that Appears in Your Smile

Your smile’s appearance can influence your sense of self-esteem. When one of these teeth is chipped, it can leave you feeling socially awkward. As time goes by, the damaged tooth enamel may eventually foster the development of a new cavity in the already compromised tooth. If the chip is small, Dr. might be able to… Read more »