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Did you know that your allergies can have an impact on your dental visit? Well, it’s true! There may be tools, chemicals or objects in our dental office that you might be allergic to. Just call Dr. James R. Healy and our dental team at 801-394-0808 to tell us about any allergies you might have related to dental care and we will accommodate your needs. Three common allergies in the dental scene include:

Latex: Medical gloves, rubber dams, and even X-ray bite tabs often contain latex. If you call our office beforehand and let us know about this allergy, we can use alternate products to clean and investigate your smile. That way you’ll have a relaxed and allergy-free visit!

Anesthesia: If you are allergic to anesthesia, no worries! There are alternatives offered that can help you have a calming and soothing visit with your dentist. Just don’t forget to let him know before the treatment begins.

Metals: Some people are sensitive to certain dental metals, like those used in amalgam dental fillings, dental retainers, and dentures. Just mention your allergy to your dentist so he knows to use another type of filling and other appliances while working with you.

If you have any dental allergies in Ogden, Utah not mentioned here that may be a concern, you can call Healy Dental Care in Ogden, Utah to ask us any questions. We look forward to helping you!