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Do you have any lost or missing teeth that you feel need to be replaced? It is important that any teeth that are missing are replaced as soon as possible. Missing teeth can lead to a downturn in your oral health which can cause several new oral health risks. Through the use of a prosthetic, such as a dental bridge, you can complete your smile once again.

Dental bridges are highly effective tooth prosthetics designed to permanently replace missing teeth. A dental bridge is crafted to fit into gaps where missing teeth once were. They can be customized for the size and shape needed to accommodate your needs, and can even be colored to mimic the natural shade of your teeth. Dental bridges are highly durable and can provide decades of support.

If missing teeth are not replaced, it can lead to issues with bite stability, space maintenance, tooth slippage, poor oral hygiene, impaired chewing and eating functions and even difficulties with speaking properly. To help reverse all of these issues, speak with our dentist about having a dental bridge prosthetic crafted for your smile. Not only can they improve the functions of your smile, but a dental bridge can also improve the aesthetics of it as well.

If you require further restorations and replacements via dental bridges, Dr. James R. Healy and our team at Healy Dental Care will be happy to help you. If you would like to book an appointment with our dentist in Ogden, Utah, please call us at 801-394-0808.